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> "Version 1.2.0 has suffered several enhancements"
>  That made me laugh :-)

This is one of the many cases where English restricts the meaning of
the words that it borrows from Romance languages.

sofrer = to have something done to you, be recipient of an action
(English "suffer" is a subset of that)

exagerar = to overdo (again, "to exaggerate" is a particular kind of overdoing)

instalar = to put in place, settle, get comfortable in a place (e.g.,
"X se instalou na cadeira" = "X got comfortable in a chair")

Let's not forget, though, that those are Romance words, which English
_borrowed_.  We should learn to use them right in English. :)

Another distinction that often confuses even the most fluent English
speakers in Brazil is that between "congratulations" and "good job"
(both "parabens" in Portuguese).

Needless to say, for an English speaker learning Portuguese, there are
also endless surprising distinctions to learn.  The most obvious one
is between "ser" and "estar" - both meaning "to be" but with different
degree of permanence.  And of course, for a Russian speaker,
Portuguese assigns "wrong" gender to most nouns.  How can a table, so
obviously a "he", be referred to as "she"? :)  (Same with "Sputnik",
and in this case I get to lay down the law - it's "ele".)

  - yuri