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On 2/22/08, Mike Pall <> wrote:

Thanks, Mike; clearly put. There are of course some cases where
single-stepping will still be slow (if the function contains a fat
loop, say) but that will cut down on the number of line events.

I've managed a three times speedup in clidebug, just by paying
attention to the costly calls. But that's low lying fruit!

It does occur to me that generally there are few breakpoints,
scattered sparsely throughout the code. So rather than table lookup on
files/lines, a quick linear lookup on lines, followed by a filename
grab _if necessary_, would normally be faster.

> This could be part of a higher-level debug API for Lua. I've
>  thrown out some random ideas about it (in the context of LuaJIT,
>  but relevant for Lua, too):

I await developments with interest....

steve d.