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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> The POSIX specification says nothing about automatically creating the file.
> On the contrary, it says "This function only creates filenames. It
> is the application's responsibility to create and remove the files."

The Linux man page makes a slightly stronger statement:

- ---snip---
The  tmpnam()  function  returns  a pointer to a string that is a valid
filename, and such that a file with this name did enot exist at some
   point in time, so that naive programmers may think it a suitable name
       for a temporary file.
Never use this function. Use mkstemp(3) or tmpfile(3) instead.
- ---snip---

I see Robert says that io.tmpname() uses mkstemp() if available; is this
a fairly recent change? The patched 5.1.2 I'm using for Prime Mover
doesn't have this change, and it would strike me to be a good thing for
a build tool to have...

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