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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
This is an experiment. If it turns out that it is not useful or that it
can be abused, it will be removed.

There's also a Lua bot in #lua that can be used to experiment with Lua.
The page allows you to play with the interpreter side of Lua, but I think
what would really sway most people who are considering using Lua in their
projects would be to show how it was implemented.  One of Lua's strongest
points has always been the easy-to-implement API and it would definitely
be worth showcasing this.

It'd also have several other benefits besides showing Lua's easy-to-use API:
- a good, basic sandboxing example for beginning Lua users (this is asked
  for quite frequently)
- security through code review
- providing a basic example framework for Lua users to do cool stuff
  through the web (for example, a database-searching website could
  implement a version that allows a web visitor to use Lua to specify his
  search function/query)

My two cents.

Also, when release candidates are released for new Lua versions, I think
this [web demo] would be an absolutely wonderful way for the community to
run tests and search for bugs in the candidates.  It would save each user
downloading and compiling a new Lua on their own.  However it'd also
reduce the ease of detection of compile-time or API errors.