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On Feb 20, 2008, at 11:31 AM, DarkGod wrote:

I seem to remember somebody here asking for a mime parsing lib.
I did. Ended up writing my own :P

Ah, so did I :)

We should start a club :))

At first I did not understand why it was not correctly parsing my test file.
And then I realized I had it in unix line feeds instead of DOS ones.
I know DOS ones are the standard but I made my parser specifically ignore that because I need to understand the most possible number of mails and yes
sometimes I get some in unix line feeds.

Well... it's called 'network' EOL.

Your lib seems to handle formdata while mine does not (truly rare to receive
a formdata encoded email I suppsoe ;> ) but it does not decode bodies.
At least not my quoted-printable test with split long lines.

No content decoding is applied at the moment. Will take a look at your code though :)

What do you use MIME parsing for in Nanoki?

To handle multipart/form-data:

Anyway nice lib you've made, at least it is better documented than mine ;>


"Real programmers don't comment their code. If it is hard to write, it should be hard to understand."