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First, a better place to ask those questions would be the

>  > I've seen, Sputnik is using Xavante as a webserver.  Is it possible
>  > (or better yet is it wise) to instead use apache?  What would I be
>  > gaining/losing by using apache.  Thanks for any info!

True, though if you just want to use Sputnik with CGI you don't need
to go read Kepler documentation: it should work out of the box, see
the third subsection on

Running it through CGI is probably the simplest way to run it under
Apache today, especially in a restricted hosting environment.

Between Xavante and CGI, as I see it, the pros and cons are the following:

Apache with CGI:
    Pro: works on pretty much any shared hosting
    Con: needs Apache with CGI configured, probably slower

    Pro: the server comes in the box, no need to know anything about
Apache, probably faster
    Con: can't run on port 80 on shared hosting uses Apache+CGI, simply because I want
to run it on port 80 and because my host charges me for every long
running process, so I don't want to use fastcgi.

Speaking of FastCGI: I haven't tested it recently, but it should work,
though the code hasn't been tweaked to really take advantage of the
fact that the process says alive.  I'll test it with FastCGI later
this week and send an email to sputnik-list.

Also, if you are feeling adventurous, it is theoretically possible to
make Sputnik work with mod_wombat, which, I am guessing, will give you
the most performance:

I haven't tried it.

  - yuri