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I have finally come around to release my SMTP server to the world,
so here it is in all its glory(or not ;> ).

==== What is it? ====
Tethys is designed to be simple, yet extensible, and to avoid the
configuration nightmare that are most SMTP servers. It handles both
incoming mails and outgoing mails (it can do relay, if allowed)/

==== Some features ====
* Simple configuration
* Extensible through plugins
* Supports virtual users or UNIX accounts
* Maildir++ support
* Filter plugin to filter incoming mails into Maildir++
* SMTP Receiver and Sender are completely separate
* Accounts/domains configuration in a MySQL database or UNIX style
* Easy to interface with the Dovecot POP/IMAP server

==== Why? ====

Because when I was installing my little server I tried many mail systems
and for the tasks I wanted (simple virtual users configured by a MySQL
database) they were all nightmarish to handle.
So, since I am a lua geek, I decided that it would be fun to write my own
mail system.
I made it to be simple to setup and do the tasks I needed, and from my
point of view at least it works just fine so I though that it could be
helpful to others out there :)

==== Will it eat my mail? ====

I do not guarantee it will not destroy your mail, eat your mom or destroy
the universe in a blast of pure chaos. But it is working for me just fine
for over 10 month now, so feel free to give it a try.

==== More information ====
Please find more information about Tethys (or not ;> ) there:

And a bug tracker(for both Tethys and Telesto):

I'd be happy to receive any feedback, or hell, knowing that somebody, somewhere
uses it :)
The system is designed to be extensible by plugins, and I plan to add some more
in the future, like a SpamAssassin plugin. If you happen to write a plugin
I'd be delighted to know about it.

DarkGod <>