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>  as possible, but no simpler.  Reasons for this include usability,
>  maintainability, and security validation.  Sputnik does seem to
>  allow greater extensibility, but I wonder, without having myself
>  studied it enough, whether those capabilities are needed for the
> wiki as opposed to some other type of web
>  application service (e.g. LuaForge).

You seem to suggest that Sputnik is somehow more complicated or bigger
than Nanoki.  I am wondering what makes you think so.

In terms of just the code, if we don't count comments, Nanoki has
about 9500 lines, not counting any of the dependencies.  Sputnik has
around 3000.  Sputnik + WSAPI + Xavante is less than 5000 lines.
(Note that if you want to run it with CGI then Sputnik + WSAPI is all
you need - 3700 LOC.)  Sputnik's code is fully commented and there are
architecture diagrams available.

Or do you mean that the UI is more complicated?  If you think the
navigation bar makes it more complicated, it can be removed trivially,

The edit form is no more complicated unless you click on "Show
advanced options".  However, I could add a flag to remove advanced
options altogether.

Finally, the installation procedure is obviously much simpler.  To
download, install, and start sputnik you just need to cd into a
directory where you want to install it and run

    ./bin/lua5.1 ./bin/xavante_start

To remove it later, just delete this directory.

- yuri