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Matt Campbell wrote
A nit pick about the style sheet: Why is the font size for the body of the page set to 75%? It seems to me that except for "fine print", one should never set the font size smaller than what the user has chosen. Yes, I know that most users don't change the font size in their browser preferences, but the default font isn't overly large.

The default font-size on modern browsers is 16 pixel which is overlay large imho, - a waste of space. Screen fonts are usually 12px(75%), 13px(81.25%;) or 14 px (87.5%). I agree that 75% is too small for normal text and should be reserved for annotations etc. I usually use 81.25% for normal text. That all depends on fonts, colors, line-height etc. but 13 or 14px usually fit.


In this case I'd also prefer a stretchy layout.

A bit OT I think...