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Start from src/launcher/wsapi.fcgi in the WSAPI CVS and follow the
function calls to src/wsapi/common.lua.

And orbit.serve_static has to work with relative paths (looking in the
cwd, of course), what problems are you having?

Fabio Mascarenhas

On Feb 18, 2008 6:34 PM, Ignacio Burgueño <> wrote:
> Fabio Mascarenhas wrote:
> Could you point me to some sample code? I'm looking at both wsapi and
> orbit's source and I can't find where you do that.
> I mean, if I have two apps which serve static content, both placed in
> different directories, how does Orbit handle that? orbit.serve_static
> will fail unless given a full pathname.
> Regards,
> Ignacio Burgueño