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{ Brian Van Every's response to Eric Tetz's }

{ on Strings }

I think it would be okay to have Lua as the base layer of a DSL for
CMake.  As long as it was sufficiently documented, I think a
derivation of Lua would be acceptable.  Lua already allows using bare
words for table keys in a constructor, why not use a filter, MetaLua,
lexer patch or such to allow this construction?

{ on Tables }

Again, why not?  I hear of alternate syntaces in use around here, and
that sounds like an easy job for filtering.  I also like the idea from
Jean-Claude Wippler, to use the Python/Ruby syntax `prefix splat` ~
`*foo` to unpack a table.

Again, the script could be Lua, with a few helpful additions to be
nicer to wrists.  Keep it well documented, and users won't bite so

My two cents... for what it's worth.  ;)