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Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote:
On Feb 13, 2008 12:39 AM, Fabio Mascarenhas <> wrote:
Enjoy the GPL-free Alien 0.3.1!

I couldn't get either of the demo programs to run - I don't
have glut installed, and SuSE has some funny ideas about
what "" means.

So I decided to roll my own demo, feel free to use it if you like:

require "alien"
local gtk,p,i=alien.load("gtk-x11-2.0"),"pointer","int"
  gtk.gtk_message_dialog_new(nil,0,0,1,"Alien Rocks!"))

 - Jeff

Awesome! This may be be a better hook for what LuaGTK/GTKLua (whatever it was) wanted to be... I've always had problems with it and I bet it was due to the same issue that alien encountered on AMD64....