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On Feb 9, 2008 6:24 AM, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
> > I'm just not into fun. [...]
> We all noticed that already...

In all seriousness, it really baffles me when I run into techies who
consider things "fun" that I consider downright painful.  Different
strokes for different folks, clearly!

I remember showing up to a face-to-face Python users group in Seattle
one time.  They're all going on and on about how they love their web
pages, databases, shells, and file system tricks.  I said, well, I'm
new to Python... I'm interested in 3D graphics, AI, game
development....  There was no common ground.  They thought the stuff I
wanted to work on sounded neat, but it was outside the realm of their
experience.  Python has penetrated more areas since then, but I didn't
last long in that community because it didn't have anything to say
about my core interests at the time.  Meanwhile, web technology has
pretty much bored me to death forever.

I did think Linux was fun when I first got started with my own PC.  I
downloaded, compiled, and optimized all kinds of stuff.  After 3 years
of that it got old.  I started to care more about my productivity and
specific goals than just grabbing any / every old thing.  The
smorgasbord wasn't tasty anymore, I had had everything.  Feelings of
"been there, done that" set in.  I kick myself that I didn't get a
part time job back then, I could have gotten paid for all that grunge
work that I still thought was interesting.  Well at least it did make
me more technically skilled, I'm just saying I moved on.

Brandon Van Every