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On Feb 6, 2008 12:15 AM,  <> wrote:
> I tried building Pluto 2.1 as an .so module using LuaRocks, but while
> I was able to write a rockspec that builds it, the module itself fails
> to load due to unexported symbols in the Lua interpreter. I assume
> that these internal functions can't be bundled in the module
> at risk of causing the problems that are commonly mentioned here on
> the list about duplicated Lua libraries within a process, and as such
> Pluto can't be built as a stand-alone .so module, and only works by
> having its .o linked to Lua directly; is that correct?
> -- Hisham

Pluto can be built standalone, but it needs to be linked statically
with the Lua core for those functions. This is obviously sub-optimal;
right now I'm working on a version which removes this dependency by
implementing the internal functions it uses in a standalone manner.