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Enrico Tassi wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 08, 2008 at 08:13:25PM +0100, Mike Pall wrote:
>> Probably not feasible here, but FYI:
> Thanks for the link, this made my day!

I was just about to write a similar thing, "Learn something new every
day!", but then I got caught up in XOR swap, symmetric difference, etc.
Next thing you know my 'cleartool mklabel -r' command actually finished
and I had to get back to work! Clearcase gives a lot, but it's not the
lightest of tools. Too bad there was no svn when this project started...

I had never heard of doubly linked lists in a single xor'd pointer. It's
the kind of clever thing I might find being used by one of the DSP
programmers around here, before memory was even determined to be an
issue. Diabolically clever.


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