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(g)awk is a lovely language. Look at those old books by Jon Bentley and
you'll see the oldtimers prototyping things in AWK. Was probably the
first scripting language, apart from BASIC and shell ;)

steve d.

On Feb 8, 2008 3:30 PM, Duck <> wrote:
> >Pm's technique is an interesting way to get around
> >the "nobody has the necessary prerequisites installed"
> >problem that tends to be a issue for alternative build
> >systems....
> Indeed. I have my own build tree for Lua, from which I can build Lua as a
> stub linking to a Lua DLL plus package DLLs, a lua.exe with package DLLs
> which link back to it, or an all-in-one exe with packages
> statically-linked in (except for large ones, such as lxp, and for ones
> with non-free licences, such as lxysll, which has to be LGPL because xyssl
> itself is). And I can build for Windows or Linux. I am hoping to be able
> to have the luxury of building for OS X some time, but Apple's draconian
> restriction against virtualisation of their (open source based, if you
> don't mind :-) OS makes this unlikely...
> ...and I thought to do it in Lua, until I realised that I'd want to use my
> own build tree's Lua, else why have it, and then I'd have a bootstrap
> problem, and I so I ended up writing it in ...
> ...gawk, since it's standard both on Linux and in MSYS/MinGW.
> Laugh if you will. I did.