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on 2/1/08 10:09 AM, Mike Pall at wrote:

> Preliminary benchmarks show that *the interpreter alone* is
> already 2x-4x faster in most cases. Embarassingly this is better
> than LuaJIT 1.x in a few benchmarks. Much higher speedups are
> still to be expected from the trace compiler.
> But the VM itself is nowhere near complete. Lots of rough edges
> remain. Debug hooks are not yet implemented (I want them to be
> zero-cost when not active). Other debug functionality, like
> tracebacks, already work fine. Many more library functions need
> to be internalized. And a plethora of little details still bear
> prominent TODO signs.

Any chance that there would be a release without the JIT but with the
re-designed VM? Ideally this would be packaged with compile time switches so
that unsupported architectures could use the old VM.