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Hi Eric

> Since there are so many Lua users/experts here, I wanted to mention
> that one of the CMake authors attempted to embed Lua as an experiment
> to see if providing a Lua based interface to the CMake API was even
> possible. After 15 hours of work, it turns out that it is. A simple
> prototype that binds the CMake API functions to Lua was made
> available. It is incomplete though because it doesn't bind the CMake
> variable system. Due to various non-technical reasons, it looks like
> this experiment will not continue, at least by the official CMake
> authors. But if anybody would like to help keep this experiment alive,
> volunteers/leaders would be welcome.
> You can find information on the experiment here:

Thanks for this email.  It really provided alot of info that wasn't
yet clear to me.  I hadn't considered the possibility of making Lua
bindings to CMake.  That's a really interesting idea, especially since
a start has been made by one of the authors.  I'm intrigued enough to
take a serious look.