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	And no errors nor warnings?  What files were produced?
Have you checked the name of the module?  You should use the
same name of the file in the call to `require' without the
extension and preceeded by the name of the package:

require"luasql.sqlite3" --> $LUA_PATH/luasql/

thanks tomás,
its working for me now.

Is any very basic tutorials anywhere on the relationship between the luasql and sqlite how to write a simple thing like ex1 (from the man page for sqlite) in lua using lua sql for example?
      $ sqlite ex1
      SQLite version 2.0.0
      Enter ".help" for instructions
      sqlite> create table tbl1(one varchar(10), two smallint);
      sqlite> insert into tbl1 values("hello!",10);
      sqlite> insert into tbl1 values("goodbye", 20);
      sqlite> select * from tbl1;

the only example i've been able to find so far is the one here:

many thanks,

rob c