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On 1 Feb 2008, at 19:09, Mike Pall wrote:

LuaJIT 2.x

Very impressive (as is LuaJIT 1.x btw - works charmingly).

The LuaJIT 2.x VM operates in four phases:

I have a question for you about this.

There are many cases where I need to call a Lua function from C in a very tight loop. The function is often simple, i.e. "function (r) return r.a > 12 end". Do you expect LuaJIT to be able to optimize this well when called a large number of times in succession? It would be grand if this ends up becoming an int comparison (guarded by a check, of course). Let me add that "r" is a userdata object, not a table.

Will be doing timing tests later, just wondered how well this scenario fits your model.

Thanks for describing your LuaJIT 2.x plans and good luck with getting there.