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Matt Campbell wrote:
> This preliminary information on LuaJIT 2.0 is very interesting.  Do you 
> have any idea what the code size will be?  Lua 5.1, compiled for 
> Windows/x86, is roughly 100K.  I hope LuaJIT 2.0 doesn't end up being much 
> more than twice that size.

The current LuaJIT 2.x VM, just with the interpreter included, is
about the same size as the Lua VM. Even a few KB less right now,
but some parts are still missing.

A trace compiler ought to be a lot smaller than a regular
compiler, because many things are a lot simpler. But I have no
good estimate what the final size will be.

My plan is to make some parts optional or loadable at runtime
(e.g. advanced optimizations). This way you can choose what to
include, based on your needs.