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Javier Guerra wrote:
On 2/1/08, robcanning <> wrote:
a 'locate' reveals the files its looking for aren't on my system
where for example should and come from?

the error doesn't mean "i can't find all this files", it means "i
can't find any _one_ of these files to comply with your request"

so the errors are nothing to worry about?

#> require "luasql.sqlite"
stdin:1: module 'luasql.sqlite' not found:
  no field package.preload['luasql.sqlite']

looks kind of serious but perhaps not.

if i type:
module "luasql.sqlite"
require "luasql.sqlite"

then i get no errors but if i follow the first step of the example at

> env = assert (luasql.sqlite())
stdin:1: attempt to call field 'sqlite' (a table value)
stack traceback:
   stdin:1: in main chunk
   [C]: ?

i really don think i've installed this right
i'm sure i should have a somewhere no?

sorry for being such a newb - i just don''t really understand the stuff in the documentation about how to compile luasql


rob c