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Petite Abeille wrote:
Try to compile it directly, e.g.:

% gcc -O2 -fno-common -c -o slnudata.o slnudata.c
% gcc -O2 -fno-common -c -o slnunico.o slnunico.c
% gcc -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup -o slnudata.o slnunico.o

Here is a little Lua script that does that for you:
Hello and thanks for this script,
This script gives me a file, but the next question is: where should I put that file? I copied the file to /usr/local/lib/lua but the test file "unitest" (which is part of the slnunicode source) fails with this message:

lua: /Users/jelle/Downloads/slnunicode-1.1/unitest:91: attempt to index upvalue 'utf8' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
   /Users/jelle/Downloads/slnunicode-1.1/unitest:91: in function 'testlen'
   /Users/jelle/Downloads/slnunicode-1.1/unitest:98: in main chunk

Copying the file to /usr/local/share/lua doesn't work either, so I am doing something wrong here. Any hints?