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"Brandon Van Every" <> writes:
>> In Lua, function calls with parentheses are just as readily available
>> as those without parentheses.  It's quite easy to encourage the
>> convention of always using parentheses in function calls.  Companies
>> and projects make standards on indentation size and brace placement in
>> source code all the time; this doesn't seem any different.
> So how do you enforce that?  And what good does it do you, if the
> standards are different across companies and you're using 3rd party
> Lua code?  That's the situation CMake developers would inevitably be
> in.

Why would you care about 3rd party code?  There's nothing _bad_ about
those calls, they're simply not to your taste.  So you enforce your
coding rules for your code, let the 3rd parties worry about their coding
standards, and everybody's happy !  :-)

[Unlike some conventions (e.g., studlyCaps vs. under_scores), this
particular issue isn't very visible outside a module.]


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