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On Jan 31, 2008 6:34 PM, RJP Computing <> wrote:
> Well if the tool makes you change it setup files for every file that
> is added to a project, that in my opinion sucks.

So I take it you would prefer the build tool automagically infer what
you want, like building with every single .c .h file in a directory?
That doesn't work if you have multiple libraries and apps in a single
directory.  You're going to have to specify that these are separate
apps and libs somewhere.

So then, perhaps you think you should be able to specify them in your
favorite IDE.  Well that's not going to work cross-platform and
cross-IDE.  Not unless you develop some really funky mechanism for
translating from your native IDE's build files to the cross-platform
CMake file.  CMake --> native IDE is a heckuva lot easier to implement
than native IDE --> CMake.

> I did try CMake, at the
> beginning, when I investigated using such a tool and was not happy with it's
> complexity and how you had to have files in sub-directories that called out
> what files to build. I am not sure how accurate this is today, I tried it
> 2.5 years ago.

CMake started life as a directory oriented tool.  Now it's a target
oriented tool.

Brandon Van Every