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Asko Kauppi wrote:
> How about a monthly cycle.  I.e. news every full moon?  :)
> I've tried that release cycle in development, and it felt meaningful.
> But this may be different, since it's news?

I like weekly newsletters better. A lot of the big projects are
running it on a weekly basis. It's a nice refresher and good for
follow-ups, and the events or stories will still be recent and
relevant. I find LWN very good, for example (admittedly, it's much
more than a weekly newsletter...)

That said, I think Jean-Claude's notes are excellent. Committing
to a weekly newsletter isn't a trivial matter. I used to read Zack
Brown's weekly Linux newsletter, but it wasn't really sustainable
I guess.

The amount of available and sustainable resources is a very real
concern. The someone will need to be prepared to carry it for the
long term. Some initiatives, while useful, can't be sustained, for
example, Debian Package of the Day -- it's really limping along.

So my big question is: Would the someone happily and seriously
commit to running a Lua weekly newsletter mainly alone for a
complete year? That takes a big commitment.

> Jean-Claude Wippler kirjoitti 6.1.2008 kello 15:03:
>>> The way to most successfully continue this in the long term,
>> A careful mix of technical infrastructure/conventions and some, ehm,
>> social engineering may be needed, at least that is my experience from
>> TclURL and PythonURL (both operating for several years now).

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia