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On 05/12/2007, at 10:23 PM, Juri Munkki wrote:

On Tue, December 4, 2007 3:27 am, Graham Henstridge wrote:
I have ported the previous Xcode syntax coloring files to Xcode 3 with
a little help from Apple. See


It doesn't handle block comments quite correctly.

--[[ This is a valid block comment, but handled incorrectly

The following change appears to fix this behavior:

      Identifier = "xcode.lang.lua.comment";
      Syntax = {
          Start = "--[[";
          End = "]]";


Note that you can't block-comment like this (nested) (Lua says it's

--[[	This is a comment
	[[ This was supposed to be a string inside the comment ]]
]]	--	This should close the comment

The syntax-coloring doesn't know how to handle the following either:

[=[ This is a string ]=]

done to level five (more could easily be added in the clumsy
way I have) and it works in comments

I'll probably just stick with SubEthaEdit.

A great editor that I use frequently, however Xcode3 is good and I
like the function of the new scope ribbon next to the gutter.

Xcode's new language spec appears powerful and capable of
differentiating more code attributes than the current
Lua.xclangspec file does, however I am not
prepared to put any more time into understanding it.

Juri Munkki

Graham Henstridge