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You can also check out the lua interpreter that I wrote with FreeBasic, I used IUP to make a shell system for it, and it also has a script editor that I was working on. It uses an earlier version of IUP 2.6 and is incomplete but it can at least load and save text files. (I've stopped working on it in order to concentrate on learning more about using FreeBasic)

Antonio Scuri wrote:
In the IUP documentation there are screenshots of some applications.
 In the IUP Downloads there is an executable that it is a Lua console with a
simple GUI so you can start playing.

 In the documentation there are also some Lua samples that you can run from
the IupLua console.


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I read the announcement for Lua IUP. I cannot find an example application. I want something just to see what this can do. Does anyone know of something I can download? TIA.