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Did you forget to write the actual explanation?

I know 'lua' means 'moon' in portuguese, but 'moon' isn't particularly poetic to me, neither is "måne" in swedish, so what 'poetic meaning' does the portuguese word for moon hold?

Btw, just to clarify the toilet thing, that's how it originated, it's not a "native" hawaiian word, it started as a sortof joke and eventually became used to the extent where it's actually used for toilet.. Much in the same way people around Rio call themselves 'carioca', the name of the native tribe the portuguese killed off a long time ago.. It actually means 'house of the white man', which is what they called the places they were forced to work by the portuguese.. For some reason the portuguese at the time thought they ran around calling themselves that, which really doesn't make sense.. ( I could be wrong of course, but that was explained to me by a linguistic in rio)

Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva wrote:

Stefan Sandberg escreveu:
(Btw, I don't see how the portuguese word for 'moon' would be any more
poetic than the english or estonian or japanese one...)

     Let me help you:

"In the Portuguese language (as in the universe of Portuguese words),
Lua is a beautiful word and has poetic meaning."

BTW, your top-posting screwed it up, so the original text by LHF follows.

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
This just goes to prove that how you name a language is important
"Lua" is a beautiful word in Portuguese and has a poetic meaning.
But it means "toilet" in Hawaiian and is also a Hawaiian martial art.
It also means something in Vietnamese, but I don't know what.