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We have started typesetting the Lua Gems book. However, we still haven't
received all gems from the authors: some authors have not sent a full
version after their abstract had been accepted; some authors have not
sent a final version after comments on the full version had been sent.

If you are a Gems authors and have not sent a full or final version of
your gem, or if you have but got no ack from us, or if you have any
questions, please get in touch again at, Cc: to me. Your
message will be answered promptly. If you don't get a reply within a
couple of days, assume your message has not reachead us or vice-versa...

Here is a summary of our records (the numbers are the submission numbers):

FULL NOT RECEIVED	30 31 32 40 43 47 48 49 51 63 64
FINAL NOT RECEIVED	05 09 13 42 45 62 66
FINAL RECEIVED		01 02 08 11 12 15 26 28 29 33 34 37 50 52 54 68 69