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On Nov 14, 2007 2:34 PM, Tim Johnson <> wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 November 2007, Hisham Muhammad wrote:
> > Actually, you can use vanilla Lua. Make sure lua is in your path and
> > use --lua-suffix= (with nothing after the = sign) so that configure
> > looks for "lua" and not "lua5.1".
>  Hello Hisham:
>  I tried that. But the problem as reporting by `make' is that there is
>  no /usr/include/lua.h (true). It is then apparent that I must install
>  LuaBinaries...

No, you really can use vanilla Lua. If your Lua is not installed in
/usr, use --with-lua=<DIR> (eg, --with-lua=/usr/local). If it still
can't find your headers and/or libraries, point to their specific
directories with --with-lua-include and --with-lua-lib.

-- Hisham