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Mike Pall wrote:
  Binding to C libraries is the forte of Lua.

Agreed. WIthin a few days of first learning Lua in late 2004, I was writing bindings for Win32 API functions and COM interfaces (specifically, interfaces that didn't derive from IDispatch and thus couldn't be used via LuaCOM). This collection of bindings, which I call LuaWin, has grown quite large; I may someday release it as open source (with my employer's permission). I think much of it would be portable to Windows Mobile.

The flipside is that since there are relatively few bindings available for Lua, you may be writing a lot of them yourself. That has certainly been the case in my use of Lua.

  (how many refcounting bugs do your Python bindings have?).

That's why I've mostly used Pyrex for my Python bindings, even though Pyrex is quite clumsy for some tasks.

I suppose Lua's chief competitor on high-end phones is JavaScript. JS has one obviously specific advantage: many more programmers already know it. So how do various JS implementations stack up on the points you've discussed? The three I'm most interested in are Apple's open-source JavaScriptCore (which I'm sure they're using on the iPhone), Microsoft JScript (whatever version Windows Mobile is using e.g. in IE), and Tamarin (the new one based on Adobe's current ActionScript VM).


P.S. That list looks exhaustive to me.