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LuaTask really seems to be missing from the list.

If any of you would be kind enough to post me a concise profile of it, I'll be happy to place it among the rest.

A comparison to LuaTask is actually even more interesting, since the approaches seem to be closest to each other. Maybe I did Lanes simply since I hadn't found LuaTask at the time?


gary ng kirjoitti 11.11.2007 kello 9:11:

--- Nathan Youngman <> wrote:

Asko Kauppi wrote:
Please try it together with Lua Lanes for
multithreading. Lanes
should take care of all the threading stuff,
seamlessly (no locking).

Thanks for the suggestion Asko. I just went through
the comparison of
threading kits:

Thanks for the pointer.

I don't see a comparision between lua lane and luatask
as both seem to be using similar approach(i.e.
independent lua state with message passing running in
seperate OS threads).

Another issue which I don't see people mentioning is
how to properly clean up these lua states. My
experience with 'rings' is that for certain third
party modules(say the luasql.mysql binding), it is
impossible to properly clean up a lua state(memory
leaks). So both lua lane and luatask if used in the
erlang manner(repetitively create and destroy states
like function calls), would have issues for writing
daemon process.

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