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On 11/10/07, Shmuel Zeigerman <> wrote:
> I wonder why SciTE links to Lua statically rather than to the Lua DLL.
> How then one can debug a Lua script that require()s some DLL libraries
> that are linked against, say, lua51.dll, could it end up with a program
> crash?
Neil Hodgson likes to keep his dependencies very simple with SciTE.
But there seems to be no problem with debugging external Lua programs
which link against lua51.dll.  I've supplied a .def and .la file (easy
to generate a .lib from the .def) so people can llnk extensions
against SciTE itself. Although I've found that I can just e.g. require
'lfs' in SciTE Lua and it will work, as long as the package.path is
set properly.

steve d.