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On 11/10/07, Mark Hamburg <> wrote:
> I'm not sure what the last clause means unless it's:
>     if k == i and 13 <= i and i <= 16 then ...
Actually just means if 13 <= k and k <= 16. In '<var> if' the <var> is
a dummy that always matches and acquires the value of the switch

Personally, this strengthens my feeling that importing stuff from very
different languages is going to cause confusion. I still like:
   with 13 .. 16 then
(since that's what Pascal case statements can look like)
   with any(13,16) then
Ignore the actual keyword used here; the main thing is that it would
_require_ a keyword!

Can't help feeling that:

with 10 or 12 then ...

is more readable than

with 10,12 the n ...

steve d.