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Clue is a single C header file. I wrote it to simplify translating C into Lua incrementally in my experimental editor, Zee ( I wish I had written it months ago, as it's made life much simpler.

It may be interesting to compare it with my earlier ideas, expressed in Lua Technical Note 4, on minimal integration of Lua into other languages:

In particular, it doesn't allow for any sort of registration. Since I'm trying for now to translate C into Lua, I haven't needed it; I may add it later. On the other hand, my original OPL binding has now expanded to have LuaGetGlobal&: and LuaSetGlobal&: procedures, just like Clue.

Even more stupidly, it was only after I wrote Clue that I made all these connections.

[I welcome comments, but don't expect a speedy response unless you CC me, as I don't find time to read the list regularly at the moment; sorry if that makes me look rather arrogant, it's not intended.]

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