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Matt Campbell wrote:
> Fabien wrote:
>> Remember that one of Lua's strengths is its relative ease of hacking
>> to suit a pre-existing project.
> Agreed.  The module system will be even more easily adapted if the
> official implementation is in Lua.  However, I suppose the argument
> for foolproof bootstrapping is reasonable.  

The Lua module system is very simple. Now that it is implemented in C, I
see little reason to translate it to Lua. If that's a reference
implementation (of module, require, package.seeall, package.loaders.*)
that you are looking for, there may be some on the wiki, and if not just
ask for one, it won't take more than a few minutes to craft one (this
doesn't mean that it's trivial, but simplicity of the system is one of
its qualities, and some of us know the model well enough to reimplement
it easily).