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I'm coming to agree with Fabien that any meta-extension should be used
to add _new_ things to Lua, not confuse the issue with curly braces ;)

The proposal of the day: type annotations for function 'prototypes':

Consider this hypothetical syntax:

function F(String s, Number t)

The actual code that the compiler sees is this:

function F(s,t)

where _assert_type() is:

function _assert_type(value,typestr,parm)
local t = type(value)
 if t ~= typestr then
   local msg = ("Argument '%s' expects a type of '%s', got

This is doubly useful: first, you can decorate your function
prototypes with useful type annotations. Second, you can dynamically
enforce that contract.

This all worked fine with the latest version of the token-filter macro
library; I'll post the code and some examples somewhere appropriate.

steve d.

PS. On the subject of whether Lua is up to the processing task, I
created a test file with 10,000 function definitions like this.
Parsing with the type-annotations macros took little over a second.
This seems to reflect the sheer numbers of lexical replacements
involved; a similar file with no type annotations was parsed in about