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No, what I did:
From the Lua source code, I modified the makefile to be able to cross compile. So I changed gcc by arm-linux-gcc, ar by arm-linux-ar and ranlib by arm-linux-ranlib. In LIBS I also add -static. In the same makefile, I had also to remove -lreadline, -lcurses and -history because when I was compiling, I've got always a problem with the readline package.

After all this, I've got Lua binary for ARM platform with libraries linked "statically". Now I want to execute luasocket in the arm platform, so from the luasocket source code I've got and  I've installed them in the file system and then when I try to execute listener.lua I've got the error:

undefined symbol: lua_insert.

I don't know what you mean with export the symbols form the executable. (Sorry for my ignorance about this topic) ;)

Thank you for your time!

Julio Mora