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My penny:
The source is over there. I can't anymore use Lua just downloading the sources (My bad...). I just build my own road map and input whatever I need in the core. Networking, file I/O (ok, ok) and sqlite is now part of my Lua core environment (not just static link). Think that is the spirit of distribute the source code (Please, don't correct-me if I'm wrong : ). Lua is a standalone interpreter as much as one logic embedded language, and this is hard to accomplish with a core full of whatever any one need (don't worry, I'm part of this "any one" group).
For my needs, split Lua in other directions will probably make the nice library(embedded?) another fat language and the standalone, bigger and complex (at CRE level. What about the Java VM size?) than necessary. ut that is only my needs. If Lua change his path in some way, i will probably stay in the last change and patch this core myself.
Rafael Menezes