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Hi all,

Having a headache trying to build an Xcode project for a lua module. I checked the wiki article, and raided the list archives, and found various contradictory answers.  Would like to know if there is a standard (which can also work as an Xcode project).

I checked existing lua modules, and I can find both .so and .dylib for OSX.
Likewise, I can find dyld and dlopen both recommended for OSX (with dyld being the default, but dlopen being recommended by Apple).

I followed the standard on the wiki [1], using -DGLUA_LUA51 -DLUA_USE_MACOSX for the main application embedding Lua, and using
 -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup for the module library (being sure to not link against the Lua core).

But a bundle project in Xcode creates a whole folder of stuff, rather than a single binary. No matter what I name the bundle (.so, .dylib, .bundle) I get "file is not a bundle" error.  An OSX bundle is a folder - is Lua not respecting this?  If Lua expects a binary, shouldn't it be a dynamic library rather than a bundle? Sorry if I sound confused - I'm inexperienced at dynamic loading. But I suspect other Lua users on OSX may be too, but wanting to write extension library modules for Lua like me.

Is there actually a standard for building modules on OSX?  Does anyone have an Xcode project that conforms to it (or at least works without hacks) that they would be willing to share?