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Hello again everyone,

I don't know if the title of the email is appropriate to my problem or
not, but I couldn't think of anything else :)

In my project I have many entities all using their own lua states
spawned from a central thread with lua_newthread.  Each of these
entities may have a script loaded into them (if they are to do

The situation is this.  If I have one entity set up via a script (let's
call it script A) to have a certain piece of functionality.  If I want
to extend/override this functionality in another script (B), what is the
best approach?

I'm trying to view script A as a base class, and script B as a derived
class.  I've tried setting up scipt A as a module and using "require" in
script B, but had problems with storing data when I have multiple
references to script A.  I then tried doing a dofile("scipt A") to see
if that would import all the functions, but that didn't work either.  At
which point I drew a blank. 

Any thoughts?



Tom Miles
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