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On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 10:58:03AM -0200, Luís Santos wrote:
> Hi, folks
> Let me put something into discussion.. please, tell me if I am talking 
> nonsense.

I admit I got lost at some point, but these are my 2 cents.

On Linux you can embed lua in you application and load ian external .so
making the loader resolve lua_* symbols to the ones inside your binary
(you need just a flag to the linker).

Under windows this is not possible, since all DLL must have all
dependencies resolved at compile time. So, you can build you application 
and link it with lua5.1.dll and build your modules (or just download them
already built) against the same DLL. 

AFAIK the luaVM is reentrant, thus your hypothesis seems wrong. 

If you statically link every module (producing a dll for each modules) 
the luaVM code will be duplicated but should work. 

If you statically link all the modules to your application code (using
the preload package table) it should work.

Not sure I exactly understood all your doubts...

Enrico Tassi