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The LuaInterface that is in LuaForge is updated to Lua 5.1 (as well as .NET 2.0+), thanks to Kevin Hester. About Lua2IL, I dropped the approach and didn't update it to 5.1, but have a new compiler built from scratch I am working on. There's a darcs repository at this URL: It's definitely not usable for real code right now, as it lacks the Lua standard library and bindings to .NET. Currently it is also slow (the compiler, not the code it generates).

Fabio Mascarenhas

On 10/22/07, gary ng <> wrote:
> Try LuaInterface:
That still seems to be the other way round ;

lua -> luainterface -> CLR/.NET

I think this is the CLR -> LUA way(from the same

Though not sure about the state of them as I don't see
5.1 integration in the source.

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