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well, I did not figure out how qtjambi itself does the preprocessing.

Using cpptoxml on a not preprocessed file shows that signals tags are
retained. However it seems that the steps I followed are not enough to
ensure a preprocessing to cpptoxml alone. For now I used the gcc which
means I lose my signal/slot info.

There are stronger issues however. One of those is that I cannot still
use any of the infos produced, so signal/slot will come later. I'll
have to dig or ask how qtjambi gets to a preprocessed file which has
the signal/slot tags in it. I am quite confident it should not be so

Roberto Raggi's parser seems to be able to preprocess itself, though.
Do you find a clue?


On 22/10/2007, Ariel Manzur <> wrote:
> Hi..
> On 10/15/07, Mauro Iazzi <> wrote:
> > I used the version of the parser that came with qtjambi (qt java
> > bindings generator) which is included (unmodified) with the source. It
> > works quite well and every information I need is there. Unfortunately
> does cpptoxml keep the macros? I see it has a preprocessor, but it
> would also handle the 'signals:' and 'slots:' macros from qt..
> Thanks..
> Ariel.