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I can add a hack to send Authenticate instead of
authenticate, but I would like to know if this is the only
problem of the kind or not.

Share you pain the it is not as easy as that. A case
in point, there are many el cheapo routers(or things
like that) sold in the millions where HTTP is used as
an admin interface. They serve they intended
function(routing etc.) well and only the management
interface is a DIY httpd written by amateurs. How can
they be fixed ?

I am sure there are lots of broken software out there. But
we have to draw the line somewhere. This is not some obscure
detail.  Failing to notice that header field names are case
insensitive is a pretty serious bug.

Are you telling me many of these routers fail with the
Authentication vs. authentication problem? Or is this just a
hunch? Why are you saying the servers were written by

There is no "RFC" standard for how to capitlize these
things, because they are supposed to be case insensitive.
Which one is correct, Content-type or Content-Type?  ETag or
Etag? TE or Te? Content-MD5 or Content-Md5?