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So I think it would be better to have headers sent as
proper cased for maximum compatibility.

At any rate, I can "fix" this by recapitalizing right before
sending the headers. The other alternatives would create too
much trouble. But what is the "proper" case? What if there
is some other server out there that expects something
different? Should I try to detect them?

<rant to the world>
I think that it is because of this type of attitude that we
can't just write software correctly anymore. We are forced
to test against every broken implementation out there.  A
client that should be very simple becomes very complex.  If
people wrote back to whoever is to blame for the problems
instead of working aroud them, life would be much nicer for
everybody else. This thing is like a snowball. If it is an
amateur implementation, we shouldn't care, if it is
open-source, it is easy to fix, if you paid for the server,
it is your right to have it fixed for you. </rant to the world>