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Hello all

I am surprised with the (possible) necessity of an acronym for Lua.
Perhaps marketing? Or joking (in this mail list)?

In some film (perhaps in one of the series of *The Naked Gun*, etc.)
the use of acronyms for all things is used for criticizing.

I do not know the origin of this custom. Perhaps in the USA administration (or army, or secret services, %-(.

I think (may be erroneously) that only North American people
(some not, obviously) like acronyms. Here in Spain (in general) not.

It is my particular impression that acronyms are a bad things.
For example, NATO is an English acronym that in Spanish is OTAN.
Therefore, acronyms depends a lot on language, and only an ample
acceptance might state them.

Therefore I vote for non-acronyms for Lua.