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After comparing headers that wget and curl sent with
http.request's, I realized that the webserver I was
talking to requires the authentication header keyword to
be in the form "Authorization". The behavior of the http
module is to force all header keywords to lower-case.

That's a bug in their webserver.  Please let them know. From
the RFC:

    4.2 Message Headers

    HTTP header fields, which include general-header (section 4.5),
    request-header (section 5.3), response-header (section 6.2),
    and entity-header (section 7.1) fields, follow the
    same generic format as that given in Section 3.1 of RFC 822
    [9]. Each header field consists of a name followed by a
    colon (":") and the field value.  Field names are

The fix for this is very simple... and I want to verify
that there were no hidden design reasons for the keywords
to be changed to lower-case as well as letting y'all know
of this issue.

The reason is to make sure there are no repeated headers
with different capitalization. All header names are
lower-case in LuaSocket. Can you tell me about your fix?
Doesn't seem that easy to me.