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Peter Pimley wrote:
It depends on your definition of 'better' ;) (i.e. whether you're after
speed or minimal memory usage).

I may have CPU limits, but it's probably much better to save RAM in my system (and it won't depend on program execution patterns).

It's certainly worth trying the memcpy+malloc+free listed earlier.  Then
measure it and see if it's actually a problem on your particular setup.
The couple of times I've done this, it has turned out to be negligable.

Thanks for the shared experience. As I'm expecting more significant bottlenecks elsewhere, I'll follow this approach.

I now have a working system, but measurements at this point make little sense as I'm not working on the actual target hardware. Any suggestion of 'standard' benchmarks to evaluate (mainly) (re-)allocation, table access and general Lua speed (no libs, no fp calculations)?

(or is there already some sort of repository with Lua performance on varius hardware architectures?)